cboost energy spray

Pocket Sized Energy on Demand

  • project description

    The cboost™ project began with only a concept and a name. From this, a logo and then a label design for the product tube were created which served as the foundation for the rest of the brand.

    The cboost™ marketing strategy was to promote the product during evening hours by canvassing popular areas (nightclubs, bars, and concert venues). In keeping with the nighttime theme, outer space was chosen as the backdrop for the branding. The foreground elements of the branding were centered around space travel, exploration, and adventure.

    As cboost's lead designer, I was in charge of creative direction and art direction for everything visual, such as:

    • label design product
    • packaging design
    • viral marketing
    • swag design
    • vehicle graphics
    • t-shirt designs
    • space costume designs
    • advertising design
    • marketing strategy.

  • categories

    branding, label design, packaging design, POP graphics, signage, vehicle graphics, swag design, ad design


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